Guide to Tax Lawyers in Wadsworth

Tax law can be overwhelming. Whether you are a business owner or a wage-earner, you may be facing a situation that has you looking for how to get a tax lawyer. There are many local attorneys in our city, however, there are not many lawyers who focus solely on tax law. Whether you are dealing with a tax situation relate to RITA, the State of Ohio, or the Internal Revenue Service, your best bet is to start with a local, licensed tax lawyer in Wadsworth.

Tax law in our city generally involves three taxing authorities: RITA, the State of Ohio, and the IRS. If you are a business considering advanced tax planning, it is important to consider all three taxing authorities. If your business is within the city limits, it is especially important to consider local tax consequences, which are managed by RITA.

If you are an individual or a business with a tax debt to RITA, the state, or the IRS, options are generally available. For city tax, RITA may offer resolution options including installment agreements, or, in some situations, settlements. The resolution programs offered for local tax through RITA are not as well known and publicly available as options through the State of Ohio or the IRS. As such, if RITA has notified you that you owe city tax, it is important to reach out to a Wadsworth tax lawyer to evaluate your options.

If you owe tax debt to the State of Ohio or the IRS, a tax lawyer in Wadsworth may be able to help you set up a long-term installment agreement (the IRS now allows certain installment agreements to be spread over 84-months). If your income and assets qualify you for a settlement (this is referred to as an Offer in Compromise), a local tax lawyer can help present your case for a full settlement. Although rare, an Offer in Compromise can fully and permanently settle your outstanding tax debt for a fraction of what you owe. Generally, however, most tax debtors end up with a long-term installment agreement with the relevant taxing authority.

An experienced tax lawyer in your city, however, can help save you thousands, even on a long-term installment agreement, by appealing certain tax penalties that are applied to your tax account. When you don’t pay taxes by the due date, or you don’t file a return by the due date, the IRS can assess failure-to-file and failure-to-pay penalties. These penalties can be as much as 45% of your tax debt! A local tax lawyer can appeal these penalties based on reasonable cause and save you thousands of dollars!

To search for a tax lawyer in Wadsworth, it is always best to read online reviews, search on Yelp, and inquire with the Better Business Bureau. Ensure that the lawyer you select focuses only on tax law. Tax is so complex, that you want to hire a local tax lawyer who only specializes in tax law.

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